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All you permit holder auto taxi e-rickshaw drivers are informed that any permit holder who has not applied for assistance of Rs 5000 by Delhi government due to lack of driver badge license can now apply. The Delhi government has now made it even easier.

Note: – Those who do not have a license, badges can also fill this form.

Some important information:-

One time Financial Assistance of Rs. 5000/- will be provided to the individual owners of registered Para Transit Public Service Vehicles ie, Auto Rickshaws, Taxis, Phat phat Sewa, Eco-friendly Sewa, Gramin Sewa, School Cab and Maxi Cabs & e-rickshaws for their one vehicle only.

The owners of above said vehicles who have already applied under the existing scheme for PSV Badge holders will be excluded from the benefit of this scheme

The applicants may submit the online applications for receiving financial assistance on the website of the Transport Department http://transport.delhi.gov.in/

To get this money, all the drivers have to go to the given website and you will have to give some information about yourself so that the Delhi government can give you a sum of 5000 rupees in your account and also you can get a small financial help.

First you have to click on this link:- http://pucc.delhi.gov.in/cvfa/checkAadhaar.jsp

With this, you can also open on phone and desktop.

Step 1 Open website



Step 2 Enter your Aadhaar number



Step 3 Choose your vehicle


Note:- If you run an e-rickshaw, you do not need to enter a permit number(Badge Number). For all other taxis and public rides, the vehicle will have to enter its permit number(Badge Number).



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